A pilot environmental platform in West Africa,
deployed in the Dakar region

Halam-Bi.sn: a NUMTECH / CRÉOCÉAN / SOMEI / AMBICITI collaboration and a DEEC / CGQA partnership
Skills transfer
In February 2023, NUMTECH trained the engineers and technicians of the DEEC's Air Quality Management Center in Dakar in methods for establishing atmospheric emission inventories as well as in air (...)
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First meeting of the FASEP Monitoring Club
On Thursday March 31, 2022, the first meeting of the FASEP Monitoring Club "Halam-Bi.sn: Environmental (Air-Water-Noise) and social monitoring platform for a better quality of life in the city in (...)
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The project presented at the World Water Forum
On Wednesday March 23, 2022, NUMTECH and one of the project partners, CREOCEAN, presented the Halam.Bi platform on the occasion of the 9th World Water Forum which was held from (...)
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